While Waterford Haven Hub comes under the umbrella group of  the Haven Hub Limerick, and Haven Hub Ennis, Waterford Haven Hub is it's own stand alone agency where it's fundraising and donations are strictly for the services provided by Waterford Haven Hub.  


Waterford Haven Hub was inspired by the work of Haven Hub Limerick who were founded in 2019 due to the unprecedented increase in suicide and intentional self harm of people in crisis. What was evident was the absence of an out of hours intervention service where people in crisis could go to and engage with trained volunteers in a peer support environment that was not either a hospital or acute psychiatric facility. To date they have had over 300 interventions.


Waterford Haven Hub will be available out of hours, 8pm to 2am every Friday in the heart of Waterford City. Our trained volunteers will be on hand to assist and support those in crisis, those who feel alone and unsure of themselves and will intervene and provide a listening and understanding ear.​


Our current Committee is made up of key people from all walks of life and backgrounds who want to make a real difference to those who are struggling to find hope in the darkest areas of their lives. Mental health affects so many people here in Waterford, and it's important that no one is left feeling alone and isolated in their darkest hours.

Our volunteers are trained in intervention and while they can offer immediate peer to peer support, we do not offer counselling or therapy long term. While someone may be in crisis, we will intervene, help, support, and empower in whatever way we can. However, if we feel that any person remains in crisis or are suicidal we will contact emergency services, or a trusted contact on their behalf in order to keep them safe.


Our service is open to anyone feeling in crisis and offers them a safe and empathetic place to come and be heard.  ​

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